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  • ipod dock

    how do you hook up the ipod dock? I have it plugged in but it wont play? What do I need to do?

  • Onkyo HT S5200

    Can this system process video from HDMI in (Blu-ray) to Component out ( Old plasma without HDMI) If not, any other recommendations?

  • Nay bugs in the model HT - s5200


  • Can I use this for 2 rooms?

    I'm pretty new the home theatre circle, but I have been reasearching for a few weeks now trying to decide which system is best for me. I don't really need 7.1 for the surround sound experience, but I am intrigued with being able to use a 7.1 system to have a 5.1 system in one room say watching a movie and use the other 2 speakers in another listening to music at the same time. Can any 7.1 system do that?


    ok i am seriously tired of all the people complaining about hdmi passthrough. fyi almost every receiver developed before august of this year will not be able to decode DTS. Second there is no fuking difference that your ears will hear between DTS and the uncompressed Dolby sound, so if you rate this system which is a great value and has quality for a family home theater, a 2 then you are an idiot that tunnel visions. Audio codecs will naturally change as the amount of data being traveled through cables increases but the amount of data ur empty head processes will not change. Onkyo is a great for the value and has great quality for any home that does not need the absolute best(sound can get expensive quickly).

  • Onkyo HT-S5200

    Does the Onkyo S5200 have a microphone setup the speaker balance?