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  • AB Speaker Switch

    I am unable to get the "other" room speakers to have sound when I switch to the B side of the A/B Switch

  • My R back surround speaker isnt working? can any one help

    I have recently purchased this system and the surround back right speaker is not working. The surround left works fine. I have exchanged speakers, run new lines, and even attempted to manually adjust the rear speaker levels but the right side never works..

  • Does HDMI out on this unit support audio & video??

  • Do I need other cables besides HDMI?

    I plugged all of my components (Blu-Ray/Cable) into the HTS5100 then went "out" with HDMI to my HD/LCD TV and I get NOTHING...no picture and no audio...HELP! I was under the assumption I could carry audio AND video through HDMI cables...guess not???

    thanks! bigmann2@Hotmail.com