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  • will i ge tsurround sound if t.v. dosen't have ARC

    i don't really know how to start i got a LG42SC560 tv. but no ARC which i had no clue till a few days ago what that is. so if i get this unit or the S5400 will i get sound though the speakers watch t.v. and will it be if program is surround or say thx or DTTs all of the new sounds . or will it just be a bunch of loudspeakers with no old time rolling across the room i called it. and sounds one doesn't really hear from say stereo. and i sure i would need more then the MDMI cable since t.v. wont send sound through or am i wrong and don't worry. things will work right. as i got old system working but it just cant really hear sound out of rear speakers. 5.1 as the front just over powers the rear no matter how it fix up. is there help or just live with what i have forget a receiver as if it don't give me surround sound then whats the point to have great picture with out the right sound. hope you get this as i think i should of keep my stuff from the 70's it sound great for a stereo. what types of wireing would i need sales men tell you just what you like to hear to make a sale as they will just go off and say i misunderstood em sorry we can't take it back thats for your time.

  • does it have separte bass, treble controls?