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  • Help re JVC TH-G41

    Have brand new JVC TH-G41, cannot play Audio Cds, movie dvds, whether they are burnt ones or bought ones, have tried about 8 or 9. Ipod plays fine, as does radio. We have used the troubleshooter at back of instruction manual and put in area code AU for Australia. Really not sure what to do now, When disc insterted says reading, but then comes up with disc error or no disc and door opens. HELP PLEASE

  • Does it control Ipod from a remote, to the screen?

    I'm looking for a HT system that will not only dock an ipod, but one that a) displays your playlists and songs on the TV, and b) can be controlled with a remote.

    I'd like to be able to dock the ipod and control it from a distance, while being able to use it's playlist functions...

    Can it do this?

    Thanks, Doug.

  • How does it stand up to other systems

    is iy better than Panasonic sc-pt646