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Unbalanced Inputs:
Stereo or Mono (two RCA jacks)
Balanced Inputs:
Stereo or Mono (two female XLR jacks)
Output To Slave:
Balanced (one male XLR jack)
Input Modes:
Master or Slave
Level Modes:
Reference (fixed gain) or Variable from full mute to +15dB over reference gain
Power Modes:
Off, On or Automatic Signal-Sensing
Light Modes:
Off, On or Dim
Low Pass Filter Mode:
Off, 12 dB per octave or 24 dB per octave
Low Pass Filter Cutoff Frequency:
Variable from 30 Hz - 130 Hz
Variable from 0 - 280 degrees
Enclosure Type:
Dual 12-inch (nominal diameter)
Frequency Response (Anechoic):
20 - 97 Hz (1.5dB) -3 dB at 19 Hz / 110 Hz -10 dB at 15 Hz / 157 Hz
Effective Piston Area:
168 sq. in. / 0.1084 sq. m.
Effective Displacement:
574 cu. in. / 9.4 liters
Amplifier Power:
3000 watts RMS short-term
Dimensions*: (H) Height x (W) Width x (D) Depth
31.96 in. x 14.92 in. x 20.39 in. 812 mm x 379 mm x 518 mm
Net Weight:
220 lbs. / 100.0 kg
Cabinet Finish:
High-Gloss Black or Satin Black
US Retail Price:
Satin Black: $6,000.00 High-Gloss Black: $6,100.00
Release Date
First seen
6 January 2009