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Cerwin-Vega TS-42

Cerwin-Vega TS-42

The TS-42 is the loudest, deepest, and most powerful folded horn Read more

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The TS-42 is the loudest, deepest, and most powerful folded horn ever created by Cerwin-Vega! Its magnificent design and outstanding features makes it ideal for use in the most challenging scenarios where vigorous bass is needed, such as live sound, installations, large venues, mobile DJs, and club applications. Featuring a gigantic 21” woofer with advanced Stroker™ technology and delivering 144 dB of maximum SPL (better than two 18” folded horn speakers); the TS-42 raises the low frequency performance bar to the next level. The TS-42 Folded Horn delivers more bass per square inch than other subwoofer designs and includes a curved horn mouth bracing for smoother frequency response, a stunning cast aluminum C-Series door that acts as a functional heat sink, and extra deep pole cups for increased stability with full-range speakers. The TS-42 is a big and sturdy speaker, but thanks to its integrated wheels and extra handles you are able to easily move and transport it. MAIN FEATURES Newly designed 21” woofer with Stroker™ technology for increased output and reduced distortion Improved power handling to 2000 w Radial cooling fins located outside the aluminum Stroker™ pole, increase cooling and improve the TS-42’s efficiency Stroker™ pole is vented out the back of the back plate for improved voice coil cooling Aluminum cooling ring above voice coil gap for improved heat transfer from the voice coil, providing improved power handling and reduced compression Stroker™ technology adds a third plane of suspension eliminating cone rocking and allows increased excursion while maintaining a tight gap that provides higher sensitivity The six magnet sections and the tunnels located between them, provide cooling below the top plate Rugged new die cast door provides improved heat dissipation & displays Stroker™ metal badge New curved horn mouth bracing for smoother frequency response Steel front corner bracing to improve cabinet strength Extra handles, ergonomic balanced design, and larger casters for easy handling SPECIFICATIONS Frequency Response -3db 35 Hz - 215 Hz / -10db 33 Hz - 230 Hz Power Capacity 1000W (RMS) 2000 Peak Recommended Amplifier Power 1500 w – 2000 w @ 8 ohms Input Connectors (2) Neutrik Speakon Sensitivity (1 w / 1 m) (1 x / 1 m): 108 dB Nominal Impedance 8 ohms Maximum SPL 144 dB Voice Coil Diameter 4” Dimensions (H x W x D) (H x W x D): 42.5” x 24” x 45.3" 108 cm x 61 cm x 115 cm Weight 228.5 lbs / 103.6 kg Cerwin-Vega! reserves the right to make changes to product specification and design at any time.
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23 January 2009