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Question: Heressy III < 58 Hz ^_^

Hi, Guys. How about improving the bass response on the Heressy III? I had a 3 x Heressy II and 2 x KG 1.2 and Velodyne F1500R system back in the day, starting with 2 x Heressy II hi-fi, and my only complaint, aside from some "horn" sound in the midrange which was both + and -, was the bass response of the Heressy's. With todays' music, you really want a 30 Hz ish reponse, if possible, and a 12 inch driver should be able to give that bass. You may balk at playing with "what ain't broke" in your great Heritage speaker, which I've seen used not only in homes, but also in large auditoriums, for voice, but cats like me, and younger folks, still, would "groove" on even "heressy" class-D active servo bass, which should fit in the cabinet, IMO, coupled to a responsive mid and horn tweeter.

I was seriously admiring the look of your Heressy III's, and was considering buying a pair for nostalia's (and looks) sake at a local elecronics shop (London Drugs), which had them prominently and rightly displayed, until I remembered that I would need to factor in a subwoofer to play any contemporary pop recording, or 70's disco-funk. ;)

With only so much space in a cabinet, I know there is only so much that can be done, and yet I have heard stand-mount mini-monitors with authoritative bass, so it must be possible.

A friend is now enjoying my "vintage" Kipsch / Velodyne combo, but there is still a warm spot in my heart for you guys!

I never did get a chance to hear my Heressy's with tubes (YBA was the closest I got), but I know many adore what you make with much nicer systems than what I use at home.

Give the market an excuse to ignore the addition of a sub to get a decent response on your Heritage units, and you'll carve out more than a niche for your premium offerings, I hope! :)

You're helping with the 99dB sensitivity, yet I know you are cabable of some sweet stuff.

Thanks for listing to this suggestion. Of course I'd love a sub-16 Hz response, but even a 30, and we'd be in the ballpark!