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Question: First tryout of L830's produces crackling sound

I am not an audio expert. I bought a pair of L830's yesterday at J&R in New York. Very heavy and very nice to look at.

I intended to use these with an old Yamaha AX-400U which is 55W per channel. Only had the time to hook up the right speaker this morning and test 3 different CDs: Wendy Carlos, Stravinsky and Alice in Chains.

At the quietest sections of music I am getting either nothing or a crackling noise, which kinda freaked me out. I'd given the guy at J&R the receiver specs and he'd assured me the AX-400U could drive the JBLs.

The wiring is pretty old, it was used ten years ago for a Yamaha NS10 setup with banana plugs. I tore those off today and went straight wire into the receiver and speaker.

I don't want to damage these with a too-low input, or incorrect wiring.

Any advice?


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    It's better to check the manual and get the setup correctly.

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