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  • VX35 Lifestyle from Bose -Poor response from Acoustimass?

    I recently purchased a VX35 lifestyle from Bose. After setting it up I found that the high n midrange response very good but Bass output seems from the acoustimass is pathetic. I have had a Sony MHC-VX901 for over 12years now and expected for the price I paid for Bose the system should have sounded 100times better. Is there some way I could increase the bass output? Mail me at clubz@in.com

  • Bose Acustimass

    I have an older Bose Acoustimass ten speaker system. Can it be converted to woreless or can any device be added to make it wireless?

  • What Model of Receiver...

    What model of receiver will the Bose Acoustimass 10 speakers work with? Will it work with a Pioneer VSX-D711 receiver? If so, how do I set it up to get it to work?

  • Bose AM10 and specific Voltage models

    Why doesnt the AM10 have a switch selectable voltage sensor/option. Why do Bose continue to have Specific models for countries. This is clearly a PRICE CONTROL issue. Most Modern day circuit equipment can detect Voltage a make the necessary steps to be 110v or 220+V.

  • Confusion with Bose AM10 & Marantz SR6003 combo

    Reading the AM10 and Marantz manuals, I'm still just plain confused (especially with the terminologies) and hope you can help.

    Under Speaker Receiver Setting
    Left and right = LARGE
    Center = LARGE
    Left and right surround = LARGE
    LFE/Subwoofer = ON
    [Note: If your receiver provides it, the LFE or Subwoofer option setting should be ON and the crossover value at the lowest number possible, which is typically 80 Hz]

    Under Speaker Size
    LPF/HPF : When you use a subwoofer, you can select the cutoff frequency for the small speakers used. Select one of the crossover frequency levels according to the size of the small speakers connected (60Hz > 80Hz > 100Hz > 120Hz > 140Hz > 160Hz > 180Hz)

    [Note: If using small front speakers, set a slightly higher frequency. If using large front speakers, set a slightly lower frequency.

    Under Surround Setup
    LFE Level : Select the output level of the LFE signal included in the Dolby Digital signal or the DTS signal. Select “0dB”, “–10 dB” or “OFF” with the 1 or 2 cursor button.

    (1) Is AM10's reference to LFE option ON at 80Hz = Marantz LPF/HPF ? I have connected AM10's LFE jack to Marantz Subwoofer Pre-Out.
    (2) What should I set for Marantz LFE level (as they only have “0dB”, “–10 dB” or “OFF”) ?
    (3) Should I ignore AM10 manual and set Marantz subwoofer at OFF (so that all signal goes through the LARGE speakers and let the AM module do the crossover work) ?
    (4) To make matters worse, the AM module has further knobs for Bass and LFE ("+" and "-") !! What do I do with these ?
    (5) Should I just let Audyssey MultEQ do all the thinking and fiddling ?
    (6) I need to temporarily disconnect the surround speakers next week due to some renovation work to the apartment (so it's going to be a 3.1 system for a while). Should I set the Marantz Left and Right Surround to OFF ? or do I just leave it at LARGE and let the AM module decide what to send where ?

    Appreciate it and many thanks in advance for your time / advice. Cheers.

  • Bose Acoustimass 10 Series III w/4 speaker stands all black.

    What is it worth slightly used?