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Question: Which is the best rear speaker wireless system?

In my new apartment, I can't run wires to my rear surround speakers. I can only wire my fronts, sub and side surround spkrs. So for the first time I'm researching wireless alternatives for the rears. Have any of you tried the various ones I've found? I'm most concerned about how much wattage in the speaker receivers effects over all sound. I realize more wattage and headroom is obvious, but since rear speakers are mostly for sound effects and not like the signal sent to your fronts where stellar quality is imperative. I've seen ranges from 25 watts to 80 watts per speaker and don't know enough about rear speaker wireless. So here's what I've found:

RocketFish RF-WHTIB (25 watts per)
Amphony L1600 (80 watts per)
JBL WEM-1 (50 watts per)
Surroundcast SCS100 (50 watts)

Of these listed, does anyone have experience with them enough to recommend the one that is best of the lot?