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  • How do I get two headsets to work off of one transmitter?

    I cannot get my two RS 170 headphones working off of a single transmitter. (It worked once for a short time so I know it was possible.) The directions that came with the sets are very obtuse. Can you tell me easilly how to make these work? And will I have to go through the procedure every time we want to use two headsets instead of one?

  • Sennheiser RS 170 on the go

    Hi just a quick question about the Sennheiser RS 170 cans.

    Can you use the headphones on the go (eg on the train) without the charging stand? ie. listening to an ipod with a wireless transmitter (eg s5t)


  • I am looking for very good ($150-$300) wireless headphones

    I would like them to have good bass (my current wired Sennheisers have little to no bass 280 pros)


    Charging Unit LED Indicator (orange lit) of Sennheiser RS 170 is always on eventhough I've charged the included batteries (GP, 600 mAH)for more than 2 days now (>48 hours). As per manual, you can charged only for 16 hours (first time)and charging light indicator will go off once its fully charged. I tried to change the batteries with Energizer NimH, 850 mAH, and the problem is still there. Does anybody who owns this model have the same problem I'm experiencing?