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  • Longevity

    I find after 3 years of use, the Plastic stlye ear cups peel, and get bits all over, the Felt like ones would be better and its hard to find the ear cup replacements. Any online locations that accept paypal?

  • I am getting the blue screen crash when using these headphons

    This is happening when running Dragon Age: Origins using Steam. Using another basic headset does not cause this crash. Has anybody seens this before or knows what could cause it?

  • The Audio on my PC350's are very Low

    The Volume knob on the set is all the way up and so is the volume level on my computer? Are they defected or am i doing something wrong?

  • Best PC Headphones Money Can Buy.

    In Comparison to to "all other PC Gaming headsets", are these (Sennheiser PC 350),the best PC headphones money can buy? If not, which are the best?

  • Comfort?

    How comforatble are these for wearing for long periods of time?