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  • Bass quality of Sennheiser HD448

    I already own Sennheiser CX300 and my friend owns Sennheiser CX400. The biggest trouble with cx300 is that, although it may have good sound quality, it has no bass! While, cx400 offers tremendous bass that a earphone can have. Since, I am looking for a headphone with decent sound quality and natural bass, as was in Sennheiser CX400 and in Koss Portapro, my expectations with this headphone is high. I love bass, so please make me aware of its bass quality. Thank you in advance.

  • How to they sound with iPof?

    Hello everybody!
    I am thinking about buying one of those, but I heard comments about them having poor performances when connected to mobile player. Is it because of the input impedance? what would you suggest in the 100 Eur price range for mobile and office use (so closed design required) ? Thnx