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Question: Looking for an over ear, closed, portable set for >$150.

I've been searching for quite a long time now, never getting exactly what I'm looking for. Read a ton of reviews, have checked out a large number of companies who make earphones... and I'm still left scratching my head.

I'm looking for a pair which I can use with my ipod (obviously on the go) in an over the ear style with a closed (or only partially open) backing (as to not leak the music profusely to others) and a cord that is reasonable for being on the go (read: isn't 3m long).

I was looking at Seinheiser's PMX60 as a replacement for my current pair, but view them as a low level entry pair, I'm looking for something with much higher fidelity. They (the PMX60s) just happen to be very portable and affordable.

I would like to keep pricing under $150.

Again, over ear, closed, portable, shorter cable, >$150.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Well I have just done professional Spectrum Analysis on several of the high end and midrange over ear isolating headphones. I was surprised that the greatest of all the tested models:
    -Sony: mostly low quality excluding the higher priced studio models
    -Bose: very low quality and terrible +db response, even in high end
    -Koss: very high quality build and response levels but very pricey
    -Sennheiser: excelled in every test even in the entry level models
    -Skullcandy: every single model from GI, TI, Skullcrusher, and Lowrider dimmed out on response levels and sensitivity tests. The build quality of headset material, poor magnet tuning, and terrible track seperation/distancing/isolation really put this brand to utter shame when we were through with them.


    When we opened the most expensive pair of Skullcandies, the Professional Quality Set, I didn't expect any better results. But to our surprise we found that this set had excellent building quality, isolation, and seperation. They blew every other set away on the Spectrum Analyzer, sensitivity tests, range frequencies, and magnet tuning. And speaking of the magnet tuning, the cheap magnet used in every over ear Skullcandy, was not used in the DJ Pro's, they used a VERY high polarity magnet with excellent balance. And they cost 150.00 US on Amazon and come with a lifetime warranty.


    If you despise Skullcandy like most, then I would next prefer the Sennheisers, they quite closely compare to the DJ Pro's even in the low end models. So if you're not into the fashion statement headphones made by Skullcandy, then stick to the very highly renowned Sennheisers, any of the HD Models will blow you away if your not an Audiophile, and if you are, you will still be impressed.

    Hope I helped.

    For any other questions feel free to email me at:


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