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Question: Need help finding a good pair of Closed possibly Studio Monitors

I'm looking for headphones that will be used mainly for video editing and listening to music. Needs to be closed headphones, preferable if they fold but not 100% necessicary. Anywhere in the $100-230 range, please list a few different options. Ive been looking at Sony DJ studio Monitors, the MDRV900HD, and two different Sennheiser headphones, the HD280PRO and HD 25-1 II. Ive also been told to look into the AKG K272HD or AKG K271 MKII but need advice. I have a macbookpro which I use to edit a variety of types of videos using Final Cut Pro, and deal with Sound alot, and as well, I download alot of music in the .flac format. Any comments/reccomendations would be great. I listen to alot of Rap and HipHop for music but have very broad tastes.

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    As far as Studio Monitors go, your not going to want to use AKG's or Sennheiser Models, Sennheiser being my Professionally Stated Favorite, but I would have a look at Grado Sets. They focus on Precise Studio Reproduction, in other words, completely lossless Studio Quality 96000hz reproduction value that resonates with precision in the wood chambers of the headsets, providing great chambered air control and track separation. The best monitors you'll ever use. But if you don't end up going with monitors then go with the Sennheisers.

    Here's a link to the ALL the Grado Models since they all fall in the price rance you stated.

    Any other questions please feel free to email me at:


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