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  • IMPORTANT! Skullcandy TITAN works with SE Xperia Mini (ST15i) ??

  • Great headphones for around $300?

    Hey I'm looking for some high quality headphones I found 3 different brands that show some promise. Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Studio - headphone, AKG K 702 Open Back Dynamic Reference Headphones, and Grado SR225i.
    Main Place I will be listening: is at home, School
    Type of audio:Music-Classic Rock,Classical,Rock,Pop. Movies,
    What I look for in headphones: First Sound-I love Treble and want to hear things I haven't heard in music before. Bass is important but I don't want it to be the main thing.

    Read more: http://reviews.cnet.com/headphones/monster-beats-by-dr/4505-7877_7-33205806.html#ixzz1C0y2N64Z,
    Read more: http://reviews.cnet.com/headphones/akg-k-702-open/4505-7877_7-33542260.html#ixzz1C0xyG2nE

  • Good Quality On Ear for $200 or less

    I am looking for a comfortable on ear headphone with the best sound quality I can find for $200 or less? I have looked into the Sennheiser HD 218, 228 and the Bose on ear audio headphone. Do you have any thoughts or recommendations for me? I will only be using these around my home.

  • I need a bluetooth for my cellphone that is comfortable and qual

    I need a bluetooth for my cellphone that is comfortable and quality. I bought the best ATT had to offer. Even with the best in ear adapter my ear hurt. Any suggestions

  • what are the best head sets for portable use

  • headphones for running

    any suggestion on which headphones are good for running taking into account of my cauliflower ear from playing rugby which prevents most earpieces going in to my ear as the gap is narrow

  • Looking for an over ear, closed, portable set for >$150.

    I've been searching for quite a long time now, never getting exactly what I'm looking for. Read a ton of reviews, have checked out a large number of companies who make earphones... and I'm still left scratching my head.

    I'm looking for a pair which I can use with my ipod (obviously on the go) in an over the ear style with a closed (or only partially open) backing (as to not leak the music profusely to others) and a cord that is reasonable for being on the go (read: isn't 3m long).

    I was looking at Seinheiser's PMX60 as a replacement for my current pair, but view them as a low level entry pair, I'm looking for something with much higher fidelity. They (the PMX60s) just happen to be very portable and affordable.

    I would like to keep pricing under $150.

    Again, over ear, closed, portable, shorter cable, >$150.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Need help finding a good pair of earphone for iphone

    Hi All,

    Need help finding good pair of earphone for iphone with micrphone
    would love to have these criteria:

    1. volume control
    2. the button for answering calls / ipod control
    3. light weight for jogging.

    I have checked out v-moda vibe duo which I think was a tad bass heavy for my liking and no volume control. As for the vibe II a bit too heavy for jogging.
    any other recommendation? ultimate ears? Cheers in advance

  • Need help finding a good pair of Closed possibly Studio Monitors

    I'm looking for headphones that will be used mainly for video editing and listening to music. Needs to be closed headphones, preferable if they fold but not 100% necessicary. Anywhere in the $100-230 range, please list a few different options. Ive been looking at Sony DJ studio Monitors, the MDRV900HD, and two different Sennheiser headphones, the HD280PRO and HD 25-1 II. Ive also been told to look into the AKG K272HD or AKG K271 MKII but need advice. I have a macbookpro which I use to edit a variety of types of videos using Final Cut Pro, and deal with Sound alot, and as well, I download alot of music in the .flac format. Any comments/reccomendations would be great. I listen to alot of Rap and HipHop for music but have very broad tastes.

  • Help me decide on a pair of in-ear headphones

    Help me decide on a pair of on-ear headphones

    I've been looking for a pair of headphones around 100 dollars for my iPod. I already have a pair of Bang and Olufsen Form 2's and I need a pair that I can use on the go that has good sound quality.

    So far, these are my choices:
    - Monster Turbine
    - Ultimate Ears Super.fi 3 Studio
    - Etymotic Research ER6i
    - Shure SE110

    I listen mainly to jazz, blues, pop rock, swing, and alternative and indie rock.

  • Best sub $50 headphones for loudness and gaming

    I've been shopping around i bought a pair of Gamecom 367's and they're just not loud i have them blasted and my headphones i have for my ipod are louder when i have them on 40% i like listening to my music loud and i like gaming with loud music... Can anyone please point me to the direction of some good headphones?

  • Recommend me a gamingheadset

    Can someone recommend me a good gaming headset? one that is comforatble to wear for long periods of time

  • Bose On-Ear Headphones vs. JVC HA-NC250 Noise Canceling Headp...

    Bose On-Ear Headphones vs. JVC HA-NC250 Noise Canceling Headphones

    ddHi, I'm contemplating between Bose on-ear headphones and JVC HA-NC250 noise-canceling headphones.
    I was looking for a on-ear headphone rather than a around-ear ones.
    I just think that around-ear ones are too bulky.
    I did my research and found out that JVC ones are a little cheaper than the Bose ones even with the noise-canceling technology.
    So it makes me wonder if it actually works?
    I'm a university student and want to use them for my mp3 player when studying in the library or watching a movie and listening to music at full volume at home on my laptop.
    Please let me know which one will give me better sound quality and comfort.
    Thanks in advance.