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Question: My headphones do not work

Bought these headphones new. Have two new computers, one desktop and one laptop both running windows 7. Plug into USB port on both computers. On laptop I can control the volume with the headphones, but no sound comes out of the headphones, only the laptop itself. On the desktop, blurb came up saying it was installing device and now ready to use. No sound from headphones. Checked everything but nothing is muted as I can still hear sound from the computer.
Any ideas?

  • Re: My headphones do not work

    On both computers, it's just a matter of setting your sound device to be your USB earphones instead of your speakers. Right-click on the volume icon and choose playback devices. Since the headset was installed (and plugged in, of course), it will be listed. Right-click the headset and choose Set As Default Device. That's it! You can also find it in the Control Panel under Sound to set the default. If the headset isn't plugged in when you start games, it will probably return to the speakers as a default so you may have to reset it depending on your particular sound card. Good luck and happy listening.

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