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Question: DT 880 Pro or DT 770 Pro? Help!

Headphone Help!

I’m a 20+ year DJ that remixes and edits tracks. I also make mixed CD’s, and am about to dive into the world of Ableton to add my own instrumentation. Some of my tracks are sold on a DJ web site to DJ’s that play in clubs. I need a pair of headphones in the $300 or less price range that will give a FLAT ACCURATE RESPONSE so I can accurately eq my mixes for large full range sound systems. I don’t DJ clubs anymore (I got married. You know the rest). So, I’ve been using my DJ headphones, Denon DN-HP1000, and then my car. lol

I’m aware that monitors are ideal in this situation. In the future I’d like to get a pair of monitors and a sub. The only problem is, I live in an apartment with paper thin walls and neighbors ALL around me. I need the headphones to at least get me in the ballpark until I buy monitors.

I’ve done quite a bit of research, and am interested in the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro, or DT 880 Pro’s. I went to Guitar Center recently and one “Pro Audio Specialist” said get the 880’s because they’re semi-open for my accurate sound/bass. The second time I went back, a different “Specialist” told me “No” get the 770’s because they’re a closed back design, that the 880’s are more for vocalist to hear themselves singing etc... Perfect! Now I’m back to square one. :)

Any suggestions from professionals or people with a fair amount of experience would be greatly appreciated!

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    I own both and the closed back of the 770's really help isolate the rest of the world around you. Seeing as how you don't have external monitors, this is ideal. They are both extremely comfortable. The 770's are at 80 ohms and the 880's at 250 ohms which really will affect how high you crank your volume. I like them both, but the 770's are a great choice between the two for me and I DJ as well.

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