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  • DT 880 Pro or DT 770 Pro? Help!

    Headphone Help!

    I’m a 20+ year DJ that remixes and edits tracks. I also make mixed CD’s, and am about to dive into the world of Ableton to add my own instrumentation. Some of my tracks are sold on a DJ web site to DJ’s that play in clubs. I need a pair of headphones in the $300 or less price range that will give a FLAT ACCURATE RESPONSE so I can accurately eq my mixes for large full range sound systems. I don’t DJ clubs anymore (I got married. You know the rest). So, I’ve been using my DJ headphones, Denon DN-HP1000, and then my car. lol

    I’m aware that monitors are ideal in this situation. In the future I’d like to get a pair of monitors and a sub. The only problem is, I live in an apartment with paper thin walls and neighbors ALL around me. I need the headphones to at least get me in the ballpark until I buy monitors.

    I’ve done quite a bit of research, and am interested in the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro, or DT 880 Pro’s. I went to Guitar Center recently and one “Pro Audio Specialist” said get the 880’s because they’re semi-open for my accurate sound/bass. The second time I went back, a different “Specialist” told me “No” get the 770’s because they’re a closed back design, that the 880’s are more for vocalist to hear themselves singing etc... Perfect! Now I’m back to square one. :)

    Any suggestions from professionals or people with a fair amount of experience would be greatly appreciated!