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  • I think I damaged my ATH-ANC7. What could be the cause?

    My headphones produce a squeeky, electronic sound. Only if I pull the plug a bit out of the socket it produces normal sound. (Not sure whether the quality is what it was though).

    What could be the cause and can it be fixed?

    Thanks all!


  • audio-techica ath-anc7 earphones

    I just bought a pair of Audio-Technica. I used them on 2 flights sitting in the exit aisle. I had the noise-cancelling function on. On a couple of occasions on both flights a static sound came through the right earphone. It lasted a few seconds or less. Just before it happened it sound like someone (pilot? or flight attendant?)turned on a device,(plane intercom? or something). Most of the time (99%) the earphones worked great. But it happened on both flights and under the same circumstances. Is this a defect in the earphone? The earphone was not plugged into any device and it had a brand new battery.
    Thanks for any response.