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  • Which PDA ?

    I will be travelling to NZ (from the US) April 2011 and need to access e/mail and the internet.
    I know NOTHING about PDA's except that I have been told that whatever I select SHOULD have 3-G capability.
    Any suggestions appreciated
    Thanks, Neville MILNE

  • Who invented PDA

  • RE: palm m515

    Hi! I'm looking into getting a PDA (*not* a phone, for various reasons) and have narrowed my selection down to the Palm m515 because it appears to have everything I want, plus some, and I can get a good deal on it ($34).

    The one feature it does not have that I would really like to have is the capability to play MP3s.

    So my question is 2-fold:
    1 - How does the Palm m515 measure up to newer models? Most of the reviews I"m reading are from when it came out, and are glowing, but I don't know if there is something comparable in price ($100 and below is my budget) that is better or not.

    2 - Well, I guess I sort of asked my second question, ish: Is there a PDA, $100 or less, with MP3 playing capabilities?

    Thanks for the guidance!

  • Smartphones and Apples

    What is the best phone with easy email use and document creation (Word, etc) that works seamlessly with a Macbook? Is iPhone the only answer? I prefer a keyboard (but haven't used the touch screens, so if people think that is brilliant for typing I'd be keen to hear it).