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Question: TomTom Start 2D direction up display?

1) Can TomTom Start display in 2D direction up rather than just north up, like all my other TomToms have done previously.
2) does the TomTom start auto scale map when speed slows or speeds up like all my other Tomtom have done?

  • Re: TomTom Start 2D direction up display?

    My year-old TomTom 335XL does have 2D Direction Up, but I just bought two brand new TomTom 550XXLs that have only 3D and 2D North Up. I've been banging my head against the wall with TomTom support trying to get them to fix it.

    If you bought a new TomTom and it doesn't have 2D Direction Up functionality, please please go to the MyTomTom Support Site, and ask them to fix it (go to "My Questions" and then "Email Us").

    I am a big fan of TomTom because of the way it displays a lot of number information in sort of a "heads-up display" (HUD) manner, but if TomTom won't implement a 2D Direction Up display for normal driving-around navigation, then they've lost me as a customer.

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