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  • audio from cellphone to AVIC?

    What is the best way to get audio from my HTC EVO 4G cellphone into my Pioneer AVIC-X910BT? Using a 3.5mm male to male cable from the phone to the jack on the front of the AVIC doesn't work. Neither does running the USB cable that came with the phone, run to

  • Navigation not working AVIC-X910BT

    I just installed my AVIC-X910BT . When using navigation the address icon is dim and does nothing when you push it. Is it an installation issue, set up issue, or something else?

  • does my pioneer software need to be updated?

    what if my itouch would always work on AVIC-X910BT model. but NOW out of no where it charges the ipod but it wont connect the music. i went into apple and they said maybe its because i need to update my pioneer software? is this true? does my pioneer software need to be updated from time to time?