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Question: Useless functions for AVIC 310BT

I bought the 310BT unit four weeks and am very disappointed. The Nav function is terrible. My basic Tom Tom had a much more robust POI selection and even though Tom Tom screen was smaller it was easier to read and navigate through. Terrible shame on Pioneer. the AVIC PIO feeds are not integrated into the Nav so it doesn't tell you the closest POI to say a Target or Walgreens. You have to know where they are. It is also useless if you go outside your zip code. The music system is great, I must say. The bluetooth is compatible with my Droid. However, there is no hands free bluetooth. I know Google is having problems with the Droid is having problems, but there are no functions on the Pioneer until to to voice activated hands free call outs. It is plainly false advertising to say this is a hands free device. People have written that the AVIC downloads work. But they do not. I have downloaded it from the Pioneer site, and transferred to my memory card. It says to install this on the "top layer" folder. What is this? There is no defintion of this. I assume it means do not place in a subfolder. It does not upgrade when I install the faceplate into the car and turn it on. Useless.
Any help would be appreciated.