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  • I have trouble with GPS Magellan 1440 when trying to create ....

    Please Help:
    I bought GPS Magellan 1440 couple months ago. It's works fine. During this last month, I have trouble with it when trying to create new direction: after the city, road name and house number were entered, and after pressing the OK button, a message pop-up: "YOUR DEVICE NEED TO BE RESTARTED to increase performances..Please wait while your data is save"..and after a while everything is frozen before it start up again..BUT I HAVE TO REENTER..and the system just get in to the loop...again..and again..PLEASE HELP...(LH- Montreal).

  • Position...Does anyone know if there is a way to manually enter

    Does anyone know if there is a way to manually enter latitude/longitude for a destination?

  • magellan roadmate 1440 battery time

    how long will it last on a full charge???

  • battery time roadmate 1440

    what is the actual battery time???