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  • Problem battery

    I have a problem with my GPS Maestro 4350 the battery is always discharged, do I have to change it for a new battery.
    I put it on the charger for 4 hr, I remove the charger one minute later she was discharged
    When the charge indicator is green, as soon as I unplug the USB it turns red

    You can help me to correct the problem

    Thank you

  • Magellan Maestro 4350

    This is a review I read about the Magellan 4350-Is this a fact???Programming Flaw Date: August 21, 2009

    "The unit is cool, but it has a flaw when used in Canada. If the maps you use are near the USA border, it appears to work properly, but maps that are supplied to magellan in Metric cause issues.
    A recent trip to Kamloops, 1250km was going to take 34 hours. Here is the flaw, they take the km's, think they are in miles, convert to kms, then divide by miles per hour, not kms/hr. Thus all mileages, calculations,etc are way out. I bought a Garmin 265WT and it dows not have the same issues with Canadian Maps."

  • storage

    HOw many address can maestro 4370 store ?