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Question: ortegon 450 - How can I follow my track back?

On my old Magellen 315, I could get off a hill safely if the mist came down by following trackback - it took me back safely along the breadcrumbs. I cannot see how to do this in the 450, although I assume it must. When I go to Where To/Tracks/Current Track/Tracback the compass points me to far apart waypoints, or sometimes just to the end of the track - a route which if I follwed it would take me over cliffs! I need to be able to follow the track closely. How on earth does it work with the 450?

  • Re: ortegon 450 - How can I follow my track back?

    OK, after some experimentation and some help from another forum I realise where I am going wrong. I need to use maps, not compass, to follow the track. By magnifying the map and using track up orientation it is quite easy to follow the track.

    But what a rubbish manual! Garmin need to get a technical writer who has actually used a gps to write a manual that is of some practical use.

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