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  • I just bought a nuvi 855 voice recognition GPS. Some times when

    I just bought a nuvi 855 voice recognition GPS. Some times when i say address it will say must use touch screen due to language or location issue. Its set to english language and I live in the city of Boston?

  • TTS Voice Editor

    If you are having problems with volume, you can download the freeware TTS Voice Editor. Go a Google search and you'll find it. It allows you to increase volume and even change the text for text to voice directions. Lots of potential there.

  • how do you program the via point option

    I want to drive to florida using my garmin;since I don't want to follow the gps route and go through New York, How do I program this gps using specific points to force it to trace a route using the main highways I would want it to program.I thought maybe I could use the via point option to forcce it to trace the route I want to use;however the manual is not clear on how to use this option and franckly I'm not shure I'm doing it right. could you guide me ? tank you

  • Garmin 855 pedestrian/walking option?

    Does the Nuvi 855 have an option for pedestrian/walking?

  • garmin 855 and MSN Direct

    I recently purchaes an 855. Is it worth buying the receiver and the subscription for MSN Direct? Does it work well in the New York/New Jersey area? How does he subscription work - one price for life as advetised??

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    Does Garmin make a dash board unit that will also take blue chart maps?