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  • Why can't I get audio for my bluetooth phone through the nuvi?

  • Lane Changer Feature.

    Is the Lane Changer function in the 765T worth the extra cost compared to the 265T?

  • Map Updates

    Do the Garmin GPS come with unlimited map updates, or do you purchase them separately?

  • Garmin nuvi 765T good for trucking??????

    Can the garmin nuvi 765T be used for trucking?

  • garmin765t

    What cell phones can be used with a 765t?

  • What cell phones will work with the 765t

    What cell phones will work with the 765t?

  • Nuvi 765T - Included maps?

    if purchased in the US, will it work 'out of the box' in the UK? It says it includes Europe maps, but other sites I've read says you have to buy the maps extra, even tho they are preloaded. I'm flying to the UK in a couple of days and was going to pick one of the 765T's up on the way to the airport if it would work for me.

  • Are there any restrictions on SD size

    Are there any restrictions on size for the SD card?

  • Turn notification

    I love my 765t, but frequently it does not give me adequate advance verbal instructions to make a turn. Most of the time, it waits until I'm right at the street where I'm supposed to turn befote it gives me the instruction. This is very annoying in residential neighborhoods or when on a frontage road for a highway.

  • Screen lighting

    Is it normal for the screen to stay lit, altho at a lower intensity, after the unit is locked? Is there any way to turn the screen completely off when it is not in use?

  • NUVI battery problem

    What about the battery life I had two nuvi 660 and had trouble with battery's in both. The battery in the 660 were not replaceable and went bad very early on. Is the 755 or 765 the same.