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  • Best Auto GPS

    Which is the best <a href="http://www.bestautogpsinfo.com/">best auto gps</a> on the market? I feel the <a href="http://www.bestautogpsinfo.com/garmin-nuvi-255w">garmin nuvi 255w</a> is very hard to beat in terms of quality and price, etc!!

  • Small hole in Cable?

    What is the small plug hole in the charger/connection cable for?

  • Refurbs ....

    Why are there so many refurbished Garmin GPS's for sale ?

  • GPS route planning

    Are there ANY GPS units that alow you to plan and set up your own routes and load them into the GPS?

  • Sorting locations

    Does the 265wt auto sort locations ie: closest location to farthest?

  • maximum number of favorites savable in the 265wt?