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  • What does out of date mean re Garmin 265W

    I see comments that it is "over the hill" - ie out of date? What does this mean?

  • Garmin nuvi 265W GPS communication problem

    Garmin nuvi GPS 265W. Communication problem. I can talk to people on my side and they can hear me. But when they respond back all I hear is a buzzing sound.

  • 2 way communication not working.

    I can here people talking but they can't hear me back. It was working 2 way before. I hear a buzzing in my bluetooth now. what might be the problem?

  • Does the 265W give altitude?

  • Maps?

    If I purchase a garmin in US probably with complete set of maps for US, how do I get hold of Europe maps? Is it a matter of down load from somewhere or do I get Europe map with it?

  • has anyone used the garmin 265 in Japan?

    has anyone use the garmin 265 in any of the asian countries like japan?