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  • Traffic Map

    Any way to keep this always on, even when starting up with a new destination? I mean, who would not want this on?

  • Highway Service Roads

    My unit can't really tell when I am on a highway service road or on the actual highway itself. Can yours?

  • Power Off!!!

    Any way to keep the damn thing off when I restart the car when I turn the power off without pulling the charger plug from the outlet?

  • Points of Interest on the Driving Map while driving

    Is there any way to show points of interest on the driving (and traffic) map while diving?
    My old cheap Mio showed POI icons on the road I was driving as I was passing them. This was really handy.

  • Stuck Power Button

    I have returned the 1490T twice for a new one. The power button got stuck on both units. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

  • Bluetooth

    Someone claimed it didn't work with a standard Verizon LG phone.
    Anyone know if the bluetooth will work with a Verizon LG Chocolate or where to find out?