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  • should I get this?

  • Has anyone tried the new BackTrack Point 5?

  • bushnell backtrack not recommendable

    Not recommendable. it switch off automatically if you don´t push any buttoms in a few seconds. And the instructions don´t show it in big letters. After write several times to Bushnell I am still waiting for an answer: very bad after sales service. I recommend to buy another trade mark.
    And in the bushnell web you can not write a negative commentary¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  • North

    Two questions about the NORTH function. First, is it pointing to true north or magnetic north? In my area there is about a 14 degree difference, and it would help to know. Second, I probably did not pick the most open spot to initiate the north function, and as a result it does not point well to either. I would like a second chance to RE-initiate the north but so far I have not had any success. I tried it by removing the batteries for a short time but that did not work...Any ideas are welcome.

  • Other things I'd like to know

    How is it in trees/bush areas?
    It has 3 waypoints, correct? How easy is it to accidently delete while using?
    When locking a waypoint, are you able to shut it off and turn it back on 2 weeks later and still have those waypoints?

  • coordinates?

    Is there a way to imput coordinates for geocaching?

  • Bushnell Backtrack - question

    Are the locations stored easily eraseable? I mean I wouldn't want to be stuck in the woods because I mistakenly erased the location because I pressed 2 or 3 buttons, is there a way to lock them? Thanks