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Wintec WSG-1000 / G-Trender

Wintec WSG-1000 / G-Trender

Wintec G-Trender ABC integrates high-sensitivity GPS receiver, Read more

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1. Simultaneously support the NMEA message via Bluetooth and USB interfaces. It is easy for navigation to the user. 2. Provide the function for recording the sport information. 3. Provide the information about latitude, longitude, direction, speed and time. 4. A destination (Mark) direct navigation (Make and save a location as your destination by TMX or G-Trender itself, and G-Trender will show you the direction to find the specified location.) 5. Support instant position of the sun, sunrise/sunset and the monthly phase of the moon. 6. Support multi-language (English and Traditional Chinese at present), Metric / Imperial system and Fahrenheit / Centigrade. 7. Support “My Training” on distance, time, average speed, max. speed and max. attitude. 8. Large LCD for easy read. 9. Periodical LED function. 10. Support over speed warning. 11. Waterproof and rigid design to avoid damages with carelessness. Specification Battery : BL 5C rechargeable lithium-ion ( Nokia type, typical 1100mA ) Power Consumption : Depends on each states. States 1 : 50mA (simple log mode, Shut off the LCD) States 2 : 60mA (normal mode, Bluetooth disable) States 3 : 75mA (Bluetooth enable) Power Consumption for back light : 25m A Memory Size : 2M bytes ( Max. on 130,000 way-point, depends on the memory scheme of F/W ) Operation Temperature : -20 ∼ 50 ℃ GPS IC : uBlox 0625 Accuracy : 2.5m CEP (Stand-Alone, S/A off) Time to First Fix : 34s (Cold Start) Acquisition Sensitivity: – 142 dBm Tracking Sensitivity: – 158 dBm SBAS Supported. AGPS Supported. Bluetooth V1.2 Output Power : CLASS 2 ( about 10 meter ) Service : SPP Slave Barometric Altimeter Pressure range 300 ... 1100 hPa (+9000 ... -500 m) Resolution ± 0.06 hPa ( 0.5 m)  internal Electronic Compass Measuring magnetic field range : ± 300uT Resolution   <0.6uT/count
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14 February 2008