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Wintec WBT-300 / G-Rays I

Wintec WBT-300 / G-Rays I

Ultra-High sensitivity Bluetooth GPS receiver. Applications 1. Read more

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Key Features: 1. Ultra high satellite tracking sensitivity (-158dBm) 2. Provide Bluetooth interface for navigation in a convenient way. 3. Intelligent power saving control. 4. Water proof design and compact size. 5. Users can output NMEA data by either USB and Bluetooth interface or each of them for navigation software. 6. support SBAS 、 D GPS in assistant of positioning system. 7.convertable NMEA frequency output ( 0.1Hz ∼ 4Hz ) Specifications Channel 16-channel GPS. Sensitivity l -158 dBm during Tracking. l -148 dBm during Acquisition and Reacquisition. l -142 dBm at Cold Start. Correlattor 8192 Search Bins with GPS Acquisition Accelerator. Time to First Fix l Cold Start: 34s. l Hot Start : < 3.5s Frequency L1 (1575.42MHz), C/A code. Max. Update Rate 10 Hz (Not recommended, default 1Hz) Accuracy l 2.5m CEP (Stand-Alone, S/A off). l 2.0m CEP (DGPS/SBAS). Signal reacquisition <1s. Dynamics l Signal levels: l Strong: typ .4 g l Weak: typ .1 g. Protocol NMEA0183 v2.1 or 2.3, UBX and RTCM. NMEA 0813 GGA, GLL, GSA, GSV, RMC, VTG, GRS, GST, ZDA, GBS, DTM and TXT interface l Bluetooth with SPP slave (version 1.2 & Class 2). l USB socket (support Data communication and power charge). Button & indicator l Power button. l Hold press 1.5s to turn off when power on. l Short press 0.5s to turn on when power off. l Indicator (LED) l GPS status(Y) / Power charge & battery low( R ) l Bluetooth status (B) Operating temperature -10C ~+ 60C. Power Lithium-ion battery lasts for more than 13hours of use. 5V DC charger. Power consumption: Full operation: ~55mA. GPS off &Bluetooth on :~2mA (GPS auto-sleep if disconnection of Bluetooth over 5 minutes). Dimensions 60mm x 38mm x 16mm Weight 48g
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14 February 2008