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Wintec WBT-201 / G-Rays II

Wintec WBT-201 / G-Rays II

1.High sensitivity Bluetooth GPS receiver with Logger function. Read more

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Key Features: 1. Users can output NMEA data by either USB and Bluetooth interface or each of them for navigation software. 2. Built-in memory for self-logging. 3. Max. over 130000 way-point of logging 4. Multiple recording modes for option 5. Support Push-to-log and manually section the tracks integrated with photos or special marks. 6. Battery power stays up to over 12 hours in operation. 7. Auto power saving mode available. 8. Provide password setting to secure the privacy. 9. PC Programming software provided freely (Time machine X) Log data is retrievable and read by software. Specification WBT201 Continual work for about 12hr in Bluetooth mode Continual work for over 15hr w/o Bluetooth Endless track logging circularly Max. recordable 131072 points with unlimited track numbers User-addable log point by use of Push-To-Log function Users can split tracks into different sections Work independently from battery if powered by USB port Data transfer and re-charging by a sing le USB Cordially, Battery-lo warning Compact size, waterproof design Programming of cycle in power-save modes Auto-power-save mode : Under general mode if log function is disabled, it will turn power OFF after count-down But if auto-log is in work mode, only Bluetooth will auto-turns OFF GPS u-blox GPS engine Sensitivity-158dBm,16CH 8192 quick search bin corrector Accuracy: 2.5m CEP Stand-Alone, S/A off) Time to First Fix; 34s (Cold Start) Acquisition Sensitivity: -142dBm Tracking Sensitivity; -158dBm Support SBAS Bluetooth Specs Bluetooth Ver. 1.2 Output power: CLASS 2 (around 10 meter) Service: SPP Slave
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14 February 2008