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  • 2008 model. are there problems with reading disks

  • Compare the Samsung BD-P3600 with Sony PS-3

    Am considering purchasing a Blu Ray disc player with Netflix capability. Am considering the Samsung BD-p3600 and the Sony PS-3. Can anyone comment on a comparison of those 2 devices? Am not sure if the PS-3 can stream Netflix video.

  • Getting a PS3 to work on a LCD monitor

    What PC monitors work with playstation 3? I have an Acer V233H that is HDCP compliant and an Asus VW222U and it wont work with either

  • My Sound doesn't work at all.

    This happened after i pressed start on a UBISOFT commercial before i came to the game menu ( By the way the Game this happened on is Prince of Persia). Coming to the Menu the sound was glitchy and it got worse when i started the game. A few moments in, the sounds off completly. I restarted the Playstation and found that not even the little tune that plays when you turn the ps3 on worked. I even tried to play PoP agian - though there was no sound. I'm clueless as to what has happened. Any ideas?

  • how to make my ps3 work on any tv

    ive got a ps3 160gb and it only works on a hd tv wich i have to go to ma cuzzins house to play we havnt got a hd tv how do u make it work on a non hd tv plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help! me!

  • PS3 won't work on regurlar tv, but works on hd tv?

    My son hooked his PS3 up on my TV when he opened it up for Christmas. It worked fine: I have an HD tv. He took it home (he doesn't have HD, and it won't turn on. The green light comes on the system, but nothing else happens. How does it make it work for a tv that doesn't have HD after he has played it on an HD tv? HELP!!
    Thanks so much. Suzy

  • hard drives

    What's the largest capacity hard drive I can put in a PS3?