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  • I am looking for a game with photo dvd in it for PS2

    I saw a game at a shop, and it disappeared before I could buy it and I don't remember the name of it. It's perhaps Japanese in orgin, has anime characters, and is slightly retro, and it has an extra DVD which allows you to place it in your PC for photo manipulation so you can implement/integrate the photo in the game, thus allowing you to fight monsters w/ photos of your friends on them.

  • how do you fix the memory and conntrol port if it stops working

    it wontread the conbtrol or memory card

  • power supply problem

    hi, I had a PS2 (black thick one) and the problem is this, when i started playing my console after a while it will automatically shut down,can you help me about my problem? thanks a lot

  • play station or xbox

    I am interested in buying this product but I am not sure if I need to have computer access or can the kid just hook it up to the tv set?