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  • Fender ash body on all Deluxe Player Strats now?

    If I remember rightly, the Deluxe Players Strats used to all have alder bodies except for the honey blond model, which had an ash body (as per Fender's website). All sources (including Fender) now list an ash body for all 4 models (blue, red, SB, and honey blonde). I am switching over to ash guitars and plan to buy at least one Deluxe Players Strat. I have seen errors/confusion on many sites including Fender's.
    What do you think is going on here? I would love to find out the bodies were all ash now. What a bargain! I guess I just can't believe Fender would switch to a more expensive (?) wood w/o a reason. Richard. PS: I love the MIM guitars. I have the 50's Tele and the 69 Reish Thinline Tele.