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Question: Monitoring audio off of MC10

# 1 - I bought one of these units to use as my backup video copy when recording video depositions. I output the video and audio off my Panasonic video camera (master mini-DV copy) and run that to the MC10 to make a backup DVD copy. However, there doesn't seem to be a any way to monitor the audio being recorded onto the MC10. Also, I need to output the audio from the MC10 into an audio cassette recorder to make a backup audio tape for the Court Reporter, which doesn't seem possible. Does anyone know of an easy workaround to monitor the MC10 in the audio/video "chain"?

# 2 - Are the recorded discs copy-protection, thereby making it impossible to play this disc in a DVD player and record a copy to another DVD recorder?

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    Yes, it is copy-protected that is why it's impossible to use any disc.

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