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  • Time displayed on screen

    I have a DVD-VR375 unit and after I finalized a DVD (dubbed a wedding VHS tape to DVD)I put the disk in another DVD player and I noticed the time displayed on the screen. How do I remove the time that is displayed? I have looked in the manuel and there is nothing on this situation. There is no steps on the menu as well. There is no diplay button on the remote to use either. The time is not displayed when I try it on the Samsung DVD-VR375. Thank you.

  • Will this unit play Region 2 DVDs?

  • What is the step-by-step to transfer VCR to DVD?

    I have the simplest question. (the manual is useless). All I want to do is transfer VCR to DVD. What is the ste-by-step procedure?

  • Closed Captioning

    How do you activate the closed captioning feature when playing or copying tapes. We have played numerous commercial tapes, that we know have closed captioning, but it seems that the Samsung cannot read the data.

  • Old TV

    I have an older TV (no flat screen) will I be able to use this model. My old combo I had to put my cable wire into, this one does not show that. HELP

  • Recording withn hmi cable

    I recently bought one of these and what I record threw it turns out black but what I recoreded earlier on a different recorder plays real good what is the problem???????

  • Recording from VHS to DVD

    I hope some of experienced users of this combo unit can help me.
    My friend purchased this combo model as she wanted to save all her VHS tapes to DVD. I recommended her this product as I thought it would solve her problems.
    I assisted her in her attempts to dub few VHS tapes to DVDs and we encountered a problem that we could not solve.

    We wanted to dub 4 hours video tape to one DVD but only approx. 2 hours fitted. Then I decided to buy DVD double layer disck, thinking that if a regular DVD disk fits 2 hours, then double layer will be perfect for 4 hours. But I was wrong. Again, only 2 hours was recorded on double layer disk. Only the quality was automatically changed to HQ even though we would prefer lower quality but to fit 4 hours to one DVD disk.

    While in recording TV program to DVD or VHS, I can change the quality of recording (SP, LP, HQ etc.), I couldn't figure out how to do it while dubbing from VHS to DVD.

    Has anyone encountered this problem and resolved it?


  • Samsung DVD recorder

    I am converting old home made videos to CD. overall - seems to be recording well.

    I am having a problem with the poor quality tapes I want to record.

    They are poor quality - but the recorder keeps trying to "justify" and "choose" the sequences.

    Probably a simple fix....bu haven't got there yet...

  • recording

    Can this unit record on a DVD+R Dual Layer

  • my samsung vr375 dvd player will not open. what do i do?

  • Having a terrible time trying to get this to record from a VHS t

    Trying to record from a VHS to a DVD R. I see the VHS picture showing on the TV, but can't seem to get the DVD to record it. Please tell me how. Thanks!!!

  • TV remote

    Remote has tv codes and my TV is not listed. (Memorex). Any advice?

  • Dubbing from a videocamera

    How do I record from a video camera to DVD??

  • Recording using DVD-VR375

    I tried to record directly from a TV program using a cable box with HDMI connections but got nothing. started the program hit record, the unit looked like it was working but tried to playback on unit plus two other dvd players and had nothing?

  • Setting the clock automatically

    Is there a way to automatically sync the clock with the broadcast signal? Or, must you manually update the time after a power loss or change in Daylight Saving time??

  • Caption

    How do you get the caption off of the bottom of the screen

  • Sansung DV-VHS Recorder Model VR 375

    Sansung DV-VHS Recorder Model VR 375 records for about 40 minutes and shuts itself down. Any ideas?

  • Can I record a program that's on TV?