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Question: I can't get it to play on my T.V

I just purchased a DVD-V9800 and I have the new time warner hd box. It powers on and will load the VCR and DVD but there's a problem. I can't get a picture when I loaded in the DVD and VCR. What am I doing wrong. I just got this yesterday. I can't get the menu from the romote control either. I don't have a blank screen but it won't switch to the play mode. I installed it just like the instructions said. Is there something missing?

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    ok i have the dvd player just like this one the exat serial nuber on the back of the unit there are 2 sets of av plug in and hdmi and optical so you have to use thebottom one unless you are usin componet plugs your tv has to have one or to sets one vieon one or to play the dic and select the input selector for it no some disc it cant play try another store bot disc and try aagain

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