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  • Problem with th DV-610AV-S

    I bought the Pioneer DV-610-Av-K last week from amazon.com and worked great until last night. The deal is that it will now only play Region 1 discs. When I try to play anything else I get a blue screen and it says "mode not supported."

    I tried resetting it (as it says in the manual) but that didn't help, except it allowed me to watch a Region 1 DVD. While it was working I went back to the initial setup and made sure the settings were correct. Put in a Region 2 DVD and had the same problem.

    Odd thing is that the video resolution seems to keep changing from 480p to 576p when I put in a Region 2 disc, even after it's been reset back to 480p and the initial settings say 480p.

    Anyone have an idea why this is happening and how it can be fixed? I'd hate to return it if there's a simple solution. I tried Pioneer customer service but they're still "closed for the holidays."

    Thanks a lot for any help.