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  • Playing without Remote

    can i operate it without remote. I need to play movie from USB and cannot figure, how to operate (move up and down, etc) without remote.


  • Does this player is capable of playing High Definition DIVX file

    I have DIVX files with resolution of 1980x1024. Does this player is capable to play these files?

  • MP3 button on remote's function?

    what is the purpose of the UP3 button on the bottom row of the remote? I can find no reference to it in documentation

  • How do I slow down display rate for photos on usb flash drive?

    I am using the player and a tv to view photos via the usb port. Is there any way to slow down the rate at which the pictures are displayed.
    Also, it seems to only display about 600 or so pictures even though I have about 1000 pictures on the flash drive.

  • DVP5990- PAL compatible?

    I want to get an old movie and I can only find it in Australia. Can this DVD play PAL formatted movies?

  • Color problem on DVP5990

    What causes Philips DVP5990 to occasionally lose color when starting DVD. We have had to DVD's out 5 which do this. After the latest DVD problem, I ran a known good DVD and it worked fine. I then put in the problem DVD and it also worked fine.

    Anyone have some ideas?

  • Need advice-Want to use a 1T external HD to play movies...

    I would like to by an external drive (with 1T of space) and store my avi moves on it and use that to play the movies. I was told that I may need to partician the drive because there may be a limit of 32gb space available at a time. If I have to partician the drive, will I be able to see all of my files? Or is this a bad ideal all together? Does anyone know of something easier that I can do? I don't have a fancy TV (a Samsung that is 14 years old), no flat screen, no HI-DEF and no surround sound. Just a basic TV and like to watch movies the old fashioned way. Thanks. Yvonne

  • Blu-ray compatibility

    the DVP5990/F7 it does not recognize my blu-raydisc. Any suggestions on how to fix this or is it not compatible with blu-ray.

  • DVP5990, video projector, and progressive scan

    When I connect this model to my Sanyo Plv-Z1 video projector using the component cables, I don't seem to be able to activate Progressive Scan. When I select the option, I get a notification asking me to check that my TV (!) supports progressive scan and then press OK. When I do press OK, the "progressive" option always reverts to "Off".

    The extremely complicated instructions in the user manual say one should first disable DE-interlacing on one's TV (it always only talks about TVs). Of course, there is no way to disable it on the projector.

    However, even when the option is off, the picture looks as good as via a VGA connector from my PC. So I'm wondering if, despite what the menu indicates, the image really is scanned progressively.

    Philips' product support failed to respond. All suggestions would be welcome.

  • Does it also play Xvid videos?

  • hi,can the osd screen from usb be updated or change to make it l

    hi,can the osd screen from usb be updated or change to make it larger to read full names of films,thanks,greg

  • i need help

    I have a Vizio lcd hdtv and this dvd player connected with an hdmi cable and i see no real difference in picture quality from my regular player any suggestions why?

  • progressive scan

    how do i get my dvp5990 to unlock the progressive scan?

  • Is this USB 1 or USB 2?

  • What is the voltage and frequency range of this DVD player. Is i

    What is the voltage and frequency range of this DVD player. Is it only 110V or has a range up to 220 V?

  • Does this player play .AVI formats?