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Question: DVD recorder

My Panasonic DMR EX75 recently stopped being able to read any DVD, blank or recorded. This problem began when it was copying from the HDD to a DVD. Near the end of the copying it showed this message: 'Part of the last recording may be lost due to scratches, dirt or quality of the disc. For successful recording please use another disc. Press enter.' I pressed enter and tried a new disc, but it could not read it, or any other disc. The 'disc' icon shows even though there is no disc in the unit. It only disappears when the tray is out. One time the message '88' showed. Whenever I turn on the unit it makes three or four beeps on one tone followed by one beep on a lower tone. I tried resetting it to shipping conditions, reformating the hard disk, and unplugging it overnight, but no joy. It was unable to read a head-cleaning disc. Sometimes it spontaneously shows the 'Part of the last recording...' message again. It seems that it got stuck when it was copying and has been stuck ever since. You tell me how to get it unstuck?
I bought the machine about three years ago, but only began using the DVD drive about a year ago. I contacted Panasonic Australia (I'm Australian) even though it is out of warranty, but they were unable to help.
Catherine (Kaki)

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    Common fault with this model EX75 and expensive to get repaired. (UK £150+ labour.)
    Apparently it's not just the DVD drive that's failed, it's the matched chip-board that's failed, so you have to have both the board & DVD drive replaced.
    Once machine has reached just over 3years old or about 500 dvd recordings it will fail.
    That's almost a guarantee, it also happens on the EX85 too.

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