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  • DVD Won't Eject and VCR won't play

    Was working fine. Was trying to connect external devices to the RCA plugs on the back when Device quit working. On power-on says HELLO. Tape insertion works, but will not play. DVDR does not eject. Local repair folks do not seem helpful. Can I get repair manual. Otherwise, does anyone need parts or remote ?

  • HDMI connection for playing DVDs stopped working-any ideas why?

  • what cables do I need?

  • where do you get a remote for LG RC897T

    where do you get a remote for LG RC897T

  • Recording while watching TV

    Can you record one channel while watching another when hooked up to basic cable television?

  • Device won't power on

    I have had an RC897T for about 9 months. All of a sudden it stopped working with the following symptoms.

    If I unplug it and plug it back in to the wall, the --/-- time indicator shows. If I then press the power button, "Hello" shows for about 30 seconds and the splash screen shows on the TV. It says "no DVD" on the splash screen. I attempt to open the DVD drive (pressing open/close) and nothing happens. Similarly with the VHS side. After a few seconds the "Hello" message disapperars and it appears that the device shuts off.

    Does anyone have aby ideas?

    Thanks in advance


  • Need to know How the "Finalization" works on the DVD Recorder

    The DVD Recorder, I was told to check the type to determine if I can Record a VHS to DVD that may only be 20 mins long and then append another short VHS Video without "finalizing" the DVD after recording the 1st VHS. Does anyone know if I can put three short VHS Videos onto ONE DVD with this unit?.


  • Why can't I see the pictures of some movies?

    I just bought this unit, recently. The motion picture does not play on some, brand new and old, DVD and VCR movies. When I play these movies, the TV screen flashes rapidly. I can hear the audio portion, progressively, playing; while, the video portion remains stuck on one frame.