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  • please help me with the following situation, if you can.

    I have a RCA DRC 8335 Dvd/VHS combo that has an ATSC/NTSC tuner; however, it has a mind of its own, rejecting the dvr-r and dvr+r discs I use, and often won't recognize a disc it has just recorded on, saying it is an unformatted disc and unplayable. As a playback deck, it's outstanding, whether tape or disc. A good friend is giving me a JVC HR XVC11, new from HSN. Is it possible to plug in the AUX from the RCA unit to the JVC unit to record as it[the RCA] has an ATSC tuner that the JVC lacks, so I can finally record something on a disc? I still have an APEX DT250A that converts the digital signal to analog, but it is w/o its remote control, therefore useless. If I can't piggyback the two decks to record, could I use the APEX, once I get a replacement remote, with the JVC? I have a library of 80 home-taped VHS movie classics and music videos I want to transfer to disc.