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  • PAL-I to PAL-M or NTSC

    I have a variety of PAL-I tapes, which I should like to transfer to PAL-M or NTSC DVD discs. Will it do this?

  • Channel selection

    Almost all is fine with this product, however there is one channel I am unable to tune in no matter what I do. Any suggestions??

  • JVC DR-MV150B DVD/VCR Recorder

    Does this unit allow for timer recording of off air/cable TV shows -- for example specific weekly shows on specific days, times, channels? (e.g. in other words, unattended programmed recording as is typical of old style, non-digital (analog) VCRs).


  • I actually have a JVC VHS DVD transfer with no instructions.

    I have a JVC VHS DVD transfer machine with no instructions. The number on the back of my JVC machine is DR-MV100BJ. Is there an instruction manual on- line? Also, is there away to plug in my Video-8 camcorder and transter those videos to a DVD from this machine also? Thanks.

  • vhs to dvd conversion

    I want to covert vhs tapes to dvd. can this unit do this