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  • Does anyone still make an analog dishwasher?

    Analogs had a lifetime of 15- 20 years. From what I've been able to ascertain, digital motherboards, no matter how high-end the appliance, get steamed to death within 5 years. Extended warranties cost as much as replacement. Planned obsolescence may be great for the manufacturer; but aside from the obvious hit to the consumer pocket, what of the ecological impact of so many huge metal boxes going into the waste stream every five years?

  • Dishwasher's electronic panel broke

    My dishwasher is only 2 years-old and the electronic panel broke. Our previous dishwaher - an incredible work-horse Kenmore - no frills - we had had for 15 years. How can I find a dishwasher that will do the ob and last? Seems like all these new appliances have all this technology that just breaks down.