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  • Red-eye issues with the DSC H20.

    Wish to know urgently about the Red-eye issues of the DSC H20. I saw images on another site where the pictures taken using the DSC H20 shows off considerable Red-eye (http://www.photographyblog.com/reviews/sony_cybershot_dsc_h20_review/image_quality/).

    Can anyone please advise me on this urgently becasue I need to close in on a purchase immediately.

    I'm kind of caught in between the Sony DSC H20 and the Fujifilm S1800.

  • Does the HD feature has any kind of effect on the image quality?

    I want to know whether the HD feature is so...oooo important.Does this feature improves only video quality or does it also improve the images taken?

  • Can we use any other memory card instead of sony?

    It has been said that the memory card used in this product belongs to sony n this causes trouble to transfer the data to any source.So can the memory card (or memory stick) be replaced?

  • does the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H20 have an HDMI output?

  • Sony DSC H20 adapter?

    Impressed with the reviews and just purchased. Can't seem to figure out how to connect to AC adapter - not needed since have a couple o' batteries, but would be nice... Only visible port is the data port to USB.
    Thanks all.

  • the white in my pictures look orange and the brown looks red

  • Need help picking out Camera!

    I'm going to Boston in October. I wanna take pics of the fall foliage. I would say I'm and intermediate camera user, I don't wanna spend over $250. I want a zoom lens but don't want too bulky of a camera.

  • Video

    the h20 takes a long time to focus in video mode. If u soom in or out it really does poorly. Also when downloaded to my computer the video is not with the audio. Am I doing something wrong?